Women’s Health

Pap Tests

Pap tests are an important tool for catching and stopping cervical cancer. All women who are over the age of 21 and who have ever been sexually active should have a pap test every three years (women who have had a total hysterectomy or are older than 70 should speak with their doctor about whether pap tests are still necessary).

A pap test normally takes place in your family doctor’s office and is a quick and painless procedure (although some women may feel a small amount of pressure or discomfort). If you are due for your pap test, or if you have any questions about pap tests, your test results, or cervical cancer, please call to book an appointment.

Here are some handouts addressing some common questions about pap tests and cervical cancer screening:

Pap Test FAQ
Pap Test Fact Sheet for Young Women
Pap Test Fact Sheet for Mature Women
Pap Test Fact Sheet for Lesbian Women

Birth Control

Here are some useful handouts explaining some of the more common methods of birth control:
Hormonal Birth Control Options


Click here for a handout explaining menopause, including information on symptom treatment.

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