Emotional Well-Being

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Centre for Clinical Interventions Info Packages

Listed below are a number of information packages which address some common emotional problems, created by the Centre for Clinical Interventions. Most packages are organized into modules, and it is recommended that you complete the modules in order.

Note: the website is a little slow, so be sure to give it a few moments to connect!

Assert Yourself!
Help build assertiveness, which is an important communication skill for reducing depression and anxiety as well as building self-esteem.

Back from the Bluez
Learn about depression and strategies for mood management.

Building Bodily Acceptance
Learn about body dysmorphia and how to address issues preventing bodily acceptance.

Facing Your Feelings
Overcome distress intolerance and manage uncomfortable feelings effectively.

Helping Health Anxiety
Learn about health anxiety and how to decrease health worries.

Improving Self-Esteem
Help overcome low self-esteem.

Keeping Your Balance
Learn how to cope with bipolar disorder and to manage your mood.

Panic Stations
Cope with panic attacks by following these strategies.

Perfectionism in Perspective
Learn to distinguish between the helpful and unhelpful parts of being a perfectionist, as well as strategies for pursuing high but healthy standards.

Put Off Procrastinating!
Understand and overcome procrastination by following these strategies.

Shy No Longer
Cope with social anxiety and learn how to better manage in social situations.

What? Me Worry!?!
Learn how to overcome chronic worrying and generalized anxiety disorder.