Cancer Resources and Screening

Cancer Screening

For information on the pros and cons of cancer screening, please visit the the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Choosing Wisely Canada website.

Resources for Cancer Patients

The Canadian Cancer Society regularly publishes useful resources for cancer patients and their families, as well as for people who are looking to reduce their risk of cancer. Listed below are some of their publications regarding common cancers and problems. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or for more information, click here to go to the Canadian Cancer Society’s list of publications.

Understanding Your Diagnosis
Breast Cancer: Understanding Your Diagnosis
Colorectal Cancer: Understanding Your Diagnosis
Lung Cancer: Understanding Your Diagnosis
Prostate Cancer: Understanding Your Diagnosis

Living with Cancer
Living with Cancer
Eating Well when you have Cancer
Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Radiation Therapy
Sexuality and Cancer
Listen First (for family and friends of cancer patients)
Life After Cancer Treatment

Cancer Prevention
Preventing Cancer
Pap Test Brochure

Cancer Screening
For some kinds of cancer, there is screening available. Screening is when you are tested for cancer without any symptoms, and can have both advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of screening. Follow one of the links below for more information about types of cancer screening.

Breast Cancer

Colon Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Lung Cancer


Also visit our Preventative Health Care webpage for information on how to reduce your risk of cancer.