Clinic Policies

Covington Family Practice abides by the following policies. Please call the clinic at 902-678-4140 if you have any questions regarding these policies.

Walk-In Clinics

In order to ensure proper continuity of care and the completeness of patient medical records, patients are encouraged to attempt to see a Covington Family Practice physician before attending at a walk-in clinic. We do reserve a number of appointments each day for patients who need to be seen on an urgent basis.

We ask that you call the clinic at 902-678-4140 to book an appointment before attending at a walk-in clinic.


Appointments are generally required in order to renew prescriptions. This is to ensure that the prescribed medication is working effectively and that there are no needed changes in medication or dosage. This means that we are generally unable to call in prescriptions.

When a prescription needs to be renewed, patients are strongly encouraged to arrange for an appointment two weeks before the prescription expires. Last-minute appointments are reserved for emergency visits and are not always available for patients requiring a prescription renewal.

Flu Shots

In order to ensure the completeness of patient medical and vaccination records, we encourage patients to receive their flu shot free of charge at the Covington Family Practice Flu Shot Clinic, generally held on the first Saturday following Thanksgiving. If a patient is unavailable on the Flu Shot Clinic date, a flu shot can be arranged at a more convenient time during our normal office hours.

Please call the office at 902-678-4140 starting in September to find out the dates for this year’s clinic.

Charges for Visits

Some patient services are not covered under the Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance (MSI), and may be subject to a patient fee. Currently, those services include:

  • Liquid nitrogen treatments
  • Completing insurance forms
  • Driver medical examinations

Disability Tax Credit Certificates

A patient may be required to be assessed by a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist prior to completion of a Disability Tax Credit certificate, if the disability being claimed is related to physical function.